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Customer Care

Don’t let orchids intimidate you.  They require less care than most people realize.  Like all plants, they need light, water, and food.  Simple.

Light and location:

Your orchid should be grown in a a room with enough natural light to read a magazine. A little morning sun won’t hurt and a south facing kitchen window is ideal.  Keep them from the draft of a heater, air conditioner or open window, just as you would your cut flowers.  Orchids can handle temperatures between about 60-85°F, so if you are comfortable in your home, your orchid will be too.


Most Gubler orchids will be moss grown. 

Moss grown orchids should be watered approximately every 10 days, giving the plant time to dry out a little (the moss will still have a little give to the touch, but is not bone dry).

Typically orchids purchased at grocery stores will be in bark.

Bark grown orchids will need water approximately once per week in the winter months and twice per week in the summer months.  Let the water run completely the through the pot as bark does not tend retain much of it.  

Feed based on your watering schedule.  Use Gubler’s Pro Blend Orchid Food during every second watering.  Your orchid will need these nutrients so that it will flower in the next cycle. Any leftover mixture can be used on other houseplants. 
After Flowering:

Once you’ve enjoyed your flowers, cut back your flower spike to the base of the plant.  However, Phalaenopsis, can be cut between the 2nd and 3rd node (the little paper wrapped looking area on the flower stalk).  There is a chance that the plant may form another flower spike near the cut area.  You’ll know within two weeks of making the cut.  If no new growth appears, then cut the stalk back to the base of the plant.


After flowering is time to repot. Our plant tags are color coded, orchids with blue tags will match our Grow Moss and Fine Grade Orchid Mix which has a blue bar on the package. (In general, it's best to continue to use whatever type of medium the plant is currently using.  For example, if already in Moss, continue with fresh moss).  Orchids with pink tags with match our Coarse Grade Orchid Mix, which had a pink bar on the package.

Want flowers again without the waiting time?  Build your collection by replacing with another orchid in bloom.  You can’t beat their value compared to cut flowers and eventually you'll have year round flowering orchids. 

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