American Orchid Society Sanctioned Orchid Judging & Show

Hosted By The Riverside/San Bernardino Orchid Society.

Do you have a gorgeous orchid at home?

One you want to show the world how beautiful it is?

Bring it to:

25th Annual Morongo Basin Orchid Festival

4th Annual American Orchid Society Orchid Judging

October 3rd 2020 from 10 am-12 pm

Whether you are an experienced orchid hobbyist or new to the orchid world, bring in your orchid and enter it into the show! A fun experience to enjoy. Share your orchid’s beauty throughout the weekend.  This event is made possible by the Riverside/San Bernardino Orchid Society (RSBCOS).  

Judging will be at 10:00am on Saturday October 3rd  The orchids entered are on display till 2 pm on Sunday October 4th.

Registration: Friday October 2nd, 2-4:00pm and Saturday 9-10 am.

Judging: Saturday 10:05 am. Awards presented immediately after judging.

Show Plant Viewing: Available for viewing all weekend, closing at 2 pm Sunday.


Entry forms are here. You will need the plant name and/or parentage, assignment of a clonal name, full name, address, telephone number and email (if available). If you need help with any information on the plant a Riverside/ San Bernardino Orchid Society member will be able to help you.

For more show rules, please click here.  For classifications information please click here.

Have more questions?  Please contact Ron Lang, (951) 663-5237.

The American Orchid Society website is a great place to gather more information on the best practices to enter your orchid for maximum points.

Tiannong Yellow Nice "Morongo Fest" won an High Class Certificate (HCC)  at the 2018 Orchid Show.  

Photo Courtesy of Arthur Pinkers

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