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Pro Blend Orchid Food


As individuals, we need to have a balanced diet, including Fruits and Veggies.  Orchids do to, in the form of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and micronutrients. Our nursery has perfected the balance of these components that can be used on your orchids year round.


Directions are quite simple; use one half teaspoon, which is included in the bag, to one gallon of warm water.  We use warm water to better dissolve the fertilizer.  Water liberally every second watering to simplify the process (or change the frequency based on your particular orchids, see our Care Guide for species specifics).  The frequency of feeding increases as the watering cycle increases during the longer days of summer.  We believe that a strong growing orchid needs a consistent fertilizing program.


Our formula contains no Urea.  This helps your orchid grow faster and your orchid mix last longer.  Pro Blend Orchid Food contains Ammonical Nitrogen for fast absorption and Nitrate Nitrogen for a steady nitrogen supply. 


We add a small amount of anticaking agent to our formula to prevent the hardening of the fertilizer.  Go ahead give the bag a squeeze; you will feel it breaks apart easily.  We use no colorants in Gubler's Pro Blend Orchid Food.  You will notice a minty green color.  This is caused by the elements of copper (blue in color) and Iron (yellow in color).  There is a slight odor caused by the Sulfur.  Sulfur is an important element for strong growth.


As with all chemicals, do not swallow and keep away from children and pets.

Orchid Grow Moss

Orchid Grow Mix- Fine Grade

Orchid Grow Mix- Coarse Grade


Gubler Orchids Pro Blend Orchid Food
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