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Frequently Asked Questions

For orchid growing questions, please visit the

" Do you sell to the public?"


Yes we do.  You may come to our nursery and select your orchid and supplies or call (866) 482-5377 to place your order.  For nursery tour information, please see our "Visit Us" page. 



"Can I have an orchid shipped somewhere as a gift?"


Absolutely.  We ship throughout the US through Fed Ex.  Orchids can be shipped to most regions year round.  In colder climates, we will check that nighttime temperatures  are above freezing at the time of shipping.  For very hot climates, we will check the daytime highs do not exceed 95 degrees.  See our "Store" to make your selection.



"When is the Morongo Basin Orchid Festival?"


The Orchid Festival is held every year during the first weekend in October.  For more information on this annual charity event, please visit the "Orchid Festival" page.



"Why is your nursery in the desert, shouldn't it be in Hawaii?"


With a large number of sunny days each year and such little humidity, we have a greater control of our growing environment.  The extra sunshine builds a high sugar content in the leaves and the humidity can be set to optimum levels.  We also use fresh ground water which comes directly from wells on our property.  This great combination allows us to grow orchids that are much heartier than those grown in other environments, thus making them transition better from our nursery, to a retailer, and ultimately, your home.



"I have a store, can I buy wholesale?"


Wholesale pricing is available for businesses who maintain a resale licence or permit.  Please visit our "Wholesale" section for contact information.







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