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Orchid Grow Mix Fine Grade

A beautiful home starts with a solid foundation.  Healthy, vibrant orchids need a solid foundation as well, in the form of strong roots which develop when grown in an ideal mix.


Fine Grade Orchid Mix holds approximately 20% more water that its coarse counterpart, making this mix ideally suited for growing Phalaenopsis, and terrestrial orchids.  Terrestrial orchids include the Cymbidium, Oncidiinae (exotics orchids), and Paphiopedilum Orchids.


We use the blend of white fir bark for its long lasting properties and large particle perlite.  Perlite can hold 40 times it weight in water while maintaining the airspace around the roots.  This blend provides enough pore space (air) to the root system while at the same time holds the necessary moisture to grow a health orchid plant.


It is a good idea to transplant your orchid about once a year, immediately after flowering.  Over time, all bark begins to breakdown, reducing air to the roots and releasing large quantities of nitrogen.  This causes the roots to weaken and become damaged.  Repotting will stimulate new root and shoot development, making your orchid healthier and easier to rebloom.

Directions for use:

Before you begin, select a new pot with good drainage that is 1-2 inches larger than current one.  You should also soak the grow mix in water .

Step 1:Remove the orchid carefully from it's pot and loosen old moss or mix.  It is normal to see a a few very soft, brown dead roots which should be cut off.

Step 2:  Position a Phalaenopsis in the center of the new pot .  Other orchids should be positioned with oldest growth at pot's edge. (New pot should be 1-2 inches larger with good drainage).

Step 3:  Hold the orchid in one hand, while using other to fill pot with mix, gently shaking as you go. Work mix into pot further with thumbs.  Make sure the base of the orchid is at the bark line, not below. 

Step 4:  Water repotted orchid heavily to further compact the mix and wash off of foliage.

Remember to feed with Gubler's Pro Blend Orchid food to encourage new growth and future blooms.


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