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Cobra Lily

Cobra Lily

(Darlingtonia Californica)

A carnivorous plant, Darlingtonia produce a

pitcher that resembles the head of a Cobra.  Very impressive in appearance, these plants continue to become more difficult to obtain due to excessive harvesting from the wild. They are native to Northern California and Oregon and can grow up to three feet tall.

Learn more below:

The Cobra attracts insects into its “Mouth” using nectar glands.  The victim is lured inside the lip.  Once inside tiny hairs lead the insect completely inside the Cobra's

mouth.  The hairs prevent escape as the insect tries to fly through the clear windows that scatter through the Cobra's head.  Eventually the insect falls to the liquid at the bottom and drowns.

How to keep your Cobra Lily healthy!


Location:  Darlingtonias require an area with as much humidity as possible.  A terrarium is ideal.  Select an area that has bright indirect light.  Morning sun is usually okay, check for burning of foliage.  Growing under Grow-Lux lamps is fine for 16 to 18 hours per day. Avoid humidity robbing drafts from heater and air conditioners.  The ideal day temperature is between 65°F to 80°F, and nights should not go below 40°F.  Avoid heat, especially at night.


Watering:  Cobras need to be kept moist at all times.  For best results use distilled water or rain water.  Tap water with low salt content is acceptable provided water is allowed to stand overnight, to remove the chlorine.  It is very difficult to over water.


Feeding:  None should be necessary.  If you care to feed use freshly caught insects every six weeks.  Avoid processed meats.


Transplanting: You can transplant your Darlingtonia with sphagnum moss, with a layer of perlite or gravel at the bottom of terrarium or pot.

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