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What's Wrong With Your Plant?

“My orchid is growing great, but it won’t bloom.”


Not enough light may be the problem if your leaves are a dark green. If the leaves are
medium green, then the plant needs repotting.

“The roots of my orchid are growing outside the pot, is that okay?”


Most orchid roots will do this when the plant needs repotting. This is especially common with the phalaenopsis type.

“Do I need to use a special pot when I repot.”


Any pot with good bottom drainage will work well.  Orchids should not sit in water, if they do, the root structure will begin to rot.

“My orchid always looks dry, even a day after watering.”


Over watering may actually be the problem.  Water your orchid once per week for 4 weeks.  Going forward, your orchid should typically be watered once per week during the winter months and 2-3 times per week during the summer months.  If this is already your watering schedule, then your orchid may need repotting.  Repot the plant in a fresh container, with fresh orchid mix.  Be sure to prune off any decaying roots with sterile shears.

“The buds on my orchid look like they are drying out, and some are falling off.”

Your orchid probably does not have enough humidity.  Move your orchid out of any drafts.  If it is not in a draft, then use a pebble tray to increase the humidity level.


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