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How to Care For Your Plant

I love my new orchid, but now what do I do?


Orchids have such delicate looking flowers, they are sometimes intimidating.  Don’t let them be.  Orchids require far less care than most people realize.  Like all plants, they require light, water, and food.  Why make it complicated?

Light and location:

Your orchid should be grown in an area that has bright, indirect light.  A little morning sun won’t hurt and a south facing kitchen window is ideal.  Watch that your orchids are kept from the draft of a heater, air conditioner or open window, just as you would your cut flowers.  Orchids can handle temperatures between about 60-85°F, so if you are comfortable in your home, your orchid will be too.


Bark grown orchids will need water approximately once per week in the winter months and twice per week in the summer months.


Moss grown orchids should be watered approximately every 10 days, giving the plant time to dry out a little (the moss will still have a little give to the touch, but is not bone dry.)


Your orchid should be fed based on your watering schedule.  Use Gubler’s Pro Blend Orchid Food during every second watering, as a base line, but look on our Orchid Care Guide for species specific information to learn the best schedule for your particular orchid.


For additional information visit our page on Watering and Feeding.


After Flowering:

Once you’ve enjoyed your flowers, cut back your flower spike to the base of the plant.  However, if you have a Phalaenopsis, you should cut the stalk between the 2nd and 3rd node (the little paper wrapped looking area on the flower stalk).  There is a chance that the plant may form another flower spike near the cut area.  You’ll know if this has been successful within two weeks of making the cut.  If no new growth appears, then cut the stalk back to the base of the plant.


After flowering is a good time to repot. To learn more on how to do this correctly, visit our Repotting Page.

Want flowers again without the waiting time?  No problem, just replace with another blooming orchid.  Remember you can’t beat their value compared to cut flowers!

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